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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that enables instant payments anywhere in the world. It uses peer-to-/ μBTC network, meaning there is no central authority. You can find a good introduction to Bitcoin here.

How do Bitcoin payments work?

The first step is to download a Bitcoin e-wallet to your computer or mobile device. You can then purchase Bitcoin from one of several online exchanges, as well as at many traditional retailers and Bitcoin ATMs. When you purchase Bitcoin it is credited to your e-wallet almost instantly, and you are free to transact directly with an ever-increasing range of merchants.

Why should I use a Bitcoin gaming site rather than one featuring traditional payment methods?

Bitcoin is a great option for a number of reasons: • Quicker processing times (instant deposits and withdrawals) • The currency and its infrastructure provide you with greater privacy (an email address is all you need to create an account) • No payment processing costs, and it eliminates the risk of credit card fraud • Complete control over the security of your funds

How much is 1 μBTC?

100 Satoshi = 0.00000100 ฿ = 1 Bit / μBTC (you-bit).

Where can I purchase Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin is very easy. Similar to real currency you’ll first need an online wallet to hold your Bitcoin in. Once you have your wallet you’ll be able to fill it with Bitcoin. There are many websites that will allow you to do both. We’d recommend using an established company like: Circle ANXBTC HappyCoins Paxful Localbitcoins Visit their site and create an account. By creating an account you’re creating your online wallet. Once your account has been set up follow the instructions on how to purchase Bitcoins.

How do I make a deposit?

Open the menu located in the top left corner and select ‘Deposit’. Here you will find your account’s deposit address. It’s a long series of letters and numbers that will look like this: 1BG2hkiQz94VqTonTLzm7ttgEp9aHqUaDs. The QR code on the right makes it easy to scan the address if you are using a mobile wallet. From your online wallet there will be an option to SEND Bitcoin. Enter your FortuneCoins deposit address and the amount you wish to send and your funds will be delivered almost immediately.

How do I make a withdrawal?

Select Withdrawal from the menu and enter in the amount you want to withdraw along with your Bitcoin wallet’s address. For most amounts we pay out instantly, and you should see the withdrawal in your personal wallet within seconds.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

There is no minimum deposit amount.

What is the maximum deposit amount?

There is no maximum deposit amount.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

5000 μBTC

What is the maximum withdrawal amount?

There is no maximum withdrawal amount.

How long will my deposit take to be credited?

All deposits are processed instantly. If you do not see you deposit credited to your account within a few minutes please contact our support team at support@fortunecoins.club with details of your transaction.

How long will my withdrawal take to be processed?

The vast majority of withdrawals are processed instantly. However, for security reasons it is necessary for us to process very large withdrawals manually, which will result in a short delay. If you have any concerns about a withdrawal please don’t hesitate to contact support@fortunecoins.club with your transaction details.

How do I receive my bonus sum?

You can claim your bonus if you reach the wager of your deposit. For example: Deposit 1000μBTC and get 3000μBTC for withdrawal if you reach the wager/bets of 10000μBTC